After the acquisition of Demandware for B2C solutions, Salesforce expanded its branch of SaaS Commerce by acquiring CloudCraze, a powerful B2B e-commerce tool. With the Commerce Cloud landscape spreading its wings, adding CloudCraze has allowed Salesforce to fill B2B e-commerce gap.

This strategic decision has proved to be one of the biggest strengths for Salesforce; the platform now has the capacity to offer their services at a multi-channel level through personalized interactions.

Successful B2B e-commerce players choose CloudCraze for its many benefits as a native Salesforce tool, chief among them a unification of online and offline experiences at each customer touch point. Let’s look at some of the greatest benefits of employing CloudCraze for your B2B e-commerce business.

Speed to Market

As opposed to legacy technologies that require hefty time and capital investments, CloudCraze is quick. With CloudCraze, you can quickly launch your e-commerce business and start accepting digital orders – in less than two months. ROI is quick and your organization can build a business case for projects in the future. Moreover, you don’t have to rebuild your commerce infrastructure to cater to changing market demands.

Affordable Scalability

CloudCraze’s multi-tenant environment allows you to free resources from handling infrastructure or license capacity. Instead of paying for the entire infrastructure, you pay for what you use. Because the platform automatically scales with your needs, you don’t need to worry about infrastructure. This means you can scale your business quickly on the cloud, and devote greater focus to revenue growth through the digital channel.

Powerful E-commerce Features

CloudCraze facilitates easy product and category searches. Customers can view all important information, down to a narrower category. CloudCraze also completely integrates with an AP through a middleware. Besides ordering, agents can use Salesforce’s partner community to control access for suppliers, customers, and distributors to the platform. CloudCraze can also be fully localized for B2B interactions in foreign countries – it supports 30+ languages and currencies.

Seamless Product Updates

With CloudCraze, you don’t have to look at costly custom-coded enhancements that are crucial for on-premise solutions. As opposed to legacy solutions that release major updates twice-thrice a year, CloudCraze features an agile and ever-evolving release calendar. Innovations and new features are introduced every one-two months. Thanks to Salesforce App Cloud, clients can quickly upgrade features and functionality.

Lower Maintenance Costs

CloudCraze allows you to focus on delivering quality to customers without having to employ expensive IT or DevOps resources. Since all the technology and resources you need are a part of the SaaS solution, your team can launch new products and expand business at a pace you are comfortable with. Because you don’t have to maintain your e-commerce infrastructure, you cut down on unnecessary costs. Moreover, the technology and human resources you need are part of your CloudCraze subscription. Built for modern businesses, CloudCraze efficiently supports new product launches and business model changes.

Salesforce’s B2B e-commerce offering promises a truly transformative journey for B2B players, irrespective of the industry. Embrace the power of the cloud and take your e-commerce business a notch up with CloudCraze.

Source: Strengths of Salesforce B2B ecommerce

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