Bathroom interior design can be tricky as you want to make it as functional and cool as you possibly can. But we know we love our bathrooms; the interior decorating possibilities are endless! Luckily, there are ways to give your small bathroom that illusion of more space. So read on and see how to design a bathroom that makes it look much bigger than it actually is:

This is one of the most common mistakes made when designing a small bathroom. The closer you bring everything together, the smaller your interior space will seem - A simple way to avoid this is simply by giving yourself some distance between objects, say interior designers in Bangalore. A good rule of thumb for planning out layout for any interior space, remember to leave at least six inches between walls and objects.

Having too much interior decor in your bathroom is sometimes seen as something that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can make your interior space look smaller. Try to limit the amount of interior design pieces you're displaying in your bathroom; instead pick ones that are modern, sleek and simple - If you need ideas, try looking online for interior design inspiration!

For flooring inside your small bathroom, avoid using hardwood or tiles - The best flooring option for bathrooms is medium to dark carpet. Because it's not too dark, the interior space won't look much smaller than it actually is!

Think about using wallpaper instead of interior design paint in your interior design plans for a small bathroom. Although it seems like interior wall paint might make a room seem larger, this isn't true - In fact, interior wall paint makes interior spaces feel closed in and uncomfortable. If you really want to use interior wall paint make sure that there are large pieces of art on the walls to give the illusion of more space in your interior space.

The best interior designers in Bangalore say that the bathroom window curtains can instantly add a feeling of spaciousness and create a cozy atmosphere in your small bathroom interior design plans. By choosing lighter colored curtains or installing sheers will help interior spaces feel much more open and larger!

Final Words:

So now you know how interior decorating in a small bathroom can make it look more spacious, get planning and start interior designing!