A closer look at the map of Stockholm it is easy to see the pattern: the same types of companies crowding the same surfaces.

They hyped companies in financial technology, Fintech, growing, for example, up among telecom giants in Kista - even though there is a lot of technology expertise and experience in those regions, and even though as Ericsson got rid of a lot of people in recent years.

Robin Teigland, who is a professor at the School, has looked closely at the emerging fintechindustrin - and she says that it will be a formidable force for business is as close as in Stockholm.

- I'm networking researcher at the bottom and I can see that one thing that really makes it easier for Fintech companies in Stockholm is that companies are very close.

People understand, for example, how important it is to go out and have lunch together.

So, for example, telecom providers gathered in Kista - and the Indian offshore providers are neighbors in Hötorgsskraporna.

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