The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the UK has already stopped paper licences and moved them online and is now trying to make them more digital.

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Imagine being pulled over by the cops while driving, being asked for your licence, and you pull out your … smartphone.

For British motorists, this could soon happen following a sneak preview a new prototype for a mobile licence from the head of the country's driving authority.

In a tweet last week, Oliver Morely, chief executive of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency DVLA tweeted a picture of an iPhone with a U.K. driving licence in Apple's Wallet app.

1 prototype no timeline yet

2 not replacement for photocard, an add-on

3 security our priority

4 possible because nomorecounterpart

The DVLA is trying to make driving licence more digital.

And other pieces of identification are also looking to go digital.

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