Nokia announced on Wednesday that it had signed a strategic trademark and patent license agreement, which provides for the Finnish global HMD for the right to use the Nokia brand in the manufacture of mobile phones and tablets.

Nokia tune its balance sheet more productive use of intellectual property.

The main risk is the partner choice, because the final product must meet the promise of the Nokia brand.

Nokia gives HMD for the mark and the mobiiliessentiaalipatenttilisenssien the right to use the royalties, but Nokia does not finance the company financially and does not own shares of the company, Nokia's release states.

FIH Mobile Limited announced Wednesday it will acquire the rest of Microsoft's basic phone business, including equipment manufacturing, sales and distribution.

According to Nokia, the HMD is planning to invest over 500 million US dollars over the next three years worldwide marketing of mobile phones and tablets sold in Nokia's trademark: This would be to finance the company's investors and acquired the basic phone business income allows.

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