We've rounded up a selection of handy shortcuts that will make you more efficient, save you time, and give you six pack abs without ever having to hit the gym*.

*results may vary

1 Back up

In case you missed it, there's now a back button in iOS 9.

It's admittedly a little limited right now, but it's early days yet.

So all those flight detail attachments and even web pages can be saved to iBooks in the form of PDF documents, there for safekeeping until you need them.

You re a big emoji fan, peppering all your sentences with little yellow faces whenever possible.

If a call comes in during a meeting and you're not comfortable firing off a quick I'm-sorry-I-cant-pick-up text with your boss eyeballing you, then fear not - there's a way that you can politely dismiss a call with an almost instant explanation.

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