A hacker affiliated with the notorious Anonymous collective has launched a series of cyberattacks against government portals in North Carolina to protest against the so-called 'bathroom bill' – which has been criticised by many as being anti-LGBT.

Indeed, a number of businesses and high-profile celebrities have protested its advance into law – including Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and Elton John.

This type of cyberattack sends a tidal wave of traffic towards a single web server with the aim of taking it offline and is regularly used by Anonymous as a method of protest.

Following the DDoS attacks, the hacker posted a JustPaste link that purported to hold a database compromised from the North Carolina State University www.ncsu.edu .

The hacking group recently became embroiled in the ongoing US election campaign after planning operations against presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

The latest campaign, however, looks set to continue.

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