To learn more and subscribe, please click here.Two of the biggest names in the smart home market are joining forces.Smart home device manufacturer WeMo has announced that it is now taking part in the Works with Nest program, which means WeMo devices will now be able to work with the Nest thermostat, reports Tech Hive.The Belkin-owned WeMo creates several smart home devices such as switches, lights, cameras, and appliances.

If the user is not home, then the thermostat places itself into "away" mode to save energy.With this new integration, WeMo devices in the smart home would also shut down whenever the Nest thermostat places itself into away mode, and then turn back on when the Nest thermostat senses that the user has returned home.

Quirky's announcement that it was filing chapter 11 bankruptcy — and selling off its smart home business, Wink — highlights this well.At its current state, the smart home market is stuck in the 'chasm' of the technology adoption curve, in which it is struggling to surpass the early-adopter phase and move to the mass-market phase of adoption.There are many barriers preventing mass-market smart home adoption: high device prices, limited consumer demand and long device replacement cycles.

Multiple smart home devices within a single home form the basis of a smart home ecosystem.Currently, the US smart home market as a whole is in the "chasm" of the tech adoption curve.

Currently, there are many networks, standards, and devices being used to connect the smart home, creating interoperability problems and making it confusing for the consumer to set up and control multiple devices.

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