Facebook is accused of leaving staff members 'angry, depressed and voiceless'

A former Facebook contractor has labelled her employment at the company as "the most toxic working experience of my life" and described "debilitating problems" at Facebook's Trending desk caused by sexism, intimidation and aggressive working conditions.

In an article published by the Guardian the former employee, who worked on Facebook's news curation platform, claimed that women were routinely ignored and encouraged against speaking up for themselves, while reports of sexism were met with a blind eye by supervisors.

Those numbers are telling when you consider that curators are paid well starting salaries are between $55,000-$65,000 £37,860-£44,740 , at least by most media industry standards, and are provided free meals while at work."

Facebook has found itself at the centre of controversy following reports that the company routinely suppresses right-wing news from its trending topics news feed.

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