Google just introduced Google Daydream — a new design for virtual reality that it hopes will beat out Facebook's Oculus as the new standard for virtual reality.Like the Samsung Gear VR, which is powered by Facebook's Oculus technology, the Google Daydream design will let you slot in a smartphone as an easy, affordable path to virtual reality.But the Gear VR only works with Samsung phones.

Google is thinking a little bigger.

"VR should be mobile, approachable, and for everyone," executive Clay Bavor said on stage at Google's I/O developers' conference on Wednesday.

Google's Daydream reference design also includes a basic motion-sensing controller.Google has already signed on Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Alcatel, ZTE, Xiaomi and Asus to make phones that would work with Daydream.

Since Google introduced its deceptively simple Cardboard headset back at its 2014 conference, virtual reality has turned into the next big battleground, with Facebook and Samsung all making big bets on the technology.But Facebook's Oculus headset is really expensive and Samsung's Gear only works with Samsung phones.

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