By Oracle's reckoning, Android has generated $42.35 billion for Google between 2008 and 2015, mostly thanks to selling ads.

That's what Oracle's expert economist, Dr. Adam Jaffe, testified to in court on Wednesday.Google doesn't discuss how much money it generates from Android.

While we can't say for sure that this ongoing court battle with Oracle is one reason why it keeps it mouth shut, we can say that its silence means Oracle has used its own means to come up with this number.And, with every passing month, that number from Oracle keeps rising.In January, court documents showed that Oracle estimated Android generated $31 billion for Google, Bloomberg reported at the time, and $22 million in profit.This is all part of Oracle's lawsuit to convince a jury to make Google pay billions of dollars in damages over Android.

The two companies have been in court this month in the final leg of a multiyear lawsuit.Less than 1% of Android codeIn the previous phases of the lawsuit, Google was found to have copied 32 application programming interfaces APIs from another popular language called Java.

APIs are bits of computer code that let two applications talk to each other and share data.At the trial on Wednesday, Oracle's economic expert, Dr. Adam Jaffe, admitted that the code at issue amounts to less than 1% of all the lines of code in Android.Google admits that it used the APIs from Java without paying.

In the meantime, Google is arguing that APIs should fall into the fair use provision of the copyright law, in which case, it will owe Oracle nothing.Back in 2012, Europe declared that APIs are not even copyrightable.NOW WATCH: How to freeze water instantlyLoading video...

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