Mobile apps often provide a better user experience than browser-based web apps, but you first have to find them, download them, and then try not to forget you installed them.

Typically, downloading and installing an app would take a while, but with Instant Apps, developers will have to partition their apps into small, runnable parts that can start within a few seconds.

Google also worked with BuzzFeed on an early test that lets you open up an instant version of the Buzzfeed Video app to watch a video, and with B to show how developers could use this feature for an ad hoc online shopping experience.

They can still use the same source code and some developers may be able to implement Instant App support in as little as a day assuming they have a very basic app, of course .

As Burke argued, though, bots aren t really all that convenient in practice yet given that you have to go through multiple steps and maybe type a bunch of sentences to get anything done.

The move comes at a time when the app stores are overrun with content, and consumers are becoming less inclined to seek out and try new applications.

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