Microsoft Lumia 435

Microsoft's mantra was for many years a large volume, low costs, and the company announced plans to acquire Nokia's puhelinbisnekset, Microsoft seemed old to continue their line, writes ZDNet.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced last July that the company will cut the number of new phones to be launched and focuses instead on a certain market areas, with emphasis on high-quality devices.

Three Nadellan key markets were business users, pioneering / fan-customers, as well as the value of phone buyers.

No, of course not certain whether Nadellan and his team objectives are still exactly the same as at that time.

ZDNet According to market increasingly moving speeches that Panos Panay of Microsoft's team has puskenut forward the creation of new phones and new types of devices.

In the meantime, Microsoft's telephone system has largely been passed on only to support the existing Lumia handsets, as well as to root out the Nokia losses.

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