Google engineering director Erik Kay talks about the new Allo messaging app and Duo video calling app during Google I/O

Google has revealed its latest project to the world - an app which can effectively write your text messages for you.

Allo learns over time from your style of writing and emoji use, and will present replies accordingly.

Its Smart Reply feature is capable of analysing pictures sent to you - for example, a dog or a baby - and generating suggestions such as "Aww, cute dog!"

will return results without the need to clarify who 'he' is.

Clever feature Whisper Shout is an amusing way to enlarge or downscale your text in order to convey your emotions more clearly, and you can write and doodle on photos using Ink - similar to the way you can draw over Snapchat photos.

Alongside Allo, Google launched new video messaging app Duo, which provides a live video preview of the caller in order to make the call feel less intrusive.

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