That last bit is particularly important—if virtual worlds don t respond to your rapid head-turning, you won t feel immersed.

After consulting with chip manufacturers and various other hardware makers, Google s rolling out a Daydream-ready certification for phones.

Numerous Android phone makers—including Samsung—are already lined up to offer Daydream-ready phones when the platform launches this fall.

Google Photos will let you explore your photospheres in VR; Google Street View will let you explore the world without actually exploring the world; and Play Movies will come with support for copy-protected high-res videos, complete with a virtual movie theater to rest in.

It ll be interesting to see how Daydream headsets and the Daydream platform perform once they finally hit the streets this fall.

If it can find a happy price-to-performance medium, Daydream could help push VR into far more hands than PC-based headsets ever could.

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