While all 15 companies in the latest batch hold promise, and encompass some very wild ambitions, these three stood out thanks to creative applications of advanced tech to sometimes overlooked, but truly massive potential markets.

The company s ROVéo 250 is a remotely operated vehicle that can navigate rugged terrain, endure harsh environments and do the very heavy lifting that humans would find challenging even with the right tools in tow.

Co-founders Lucian Cucu and Thomas Estier said they were inspired by generations of Mars rovers, but also the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, to build their machine.

The wearables, called the LIV, contain sophisticated motion sensors and connect to a user s smartphone via Bluetooth.

Beyond hair pulling, kids and adults alike struggle with nail biting, skin picking and thumb sucking.

When users choose to connect their bracelets to their smartphones via Bluetooth, the LIV app shows them a chart tracking the times of day when they are most likely to fall into their repetitive behaviors.

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