People have been losing their keys and wallets ever since keys and wallets were invented — but nowadays, thanks to miracles of modern technology, retrieving those items is easier than ever before.

Unlike our ancestors –who presumably had to resort to things like thinking, retracing steps, and recruiting bloodhounds to find lost items– we can just turn to gizmos like the TrackR Bravo when we need to find something we lost.

To be quite honest, devices like this are a dime a dozen these days, but as the newest kid on the Bluetooth item finder block, TrackR Bravo boasts a slew of cool features that you won t find anywhere else.

In addition to the regular suite of functions distance indicator, item ringer, phone finder, etc.

, the Bravo also has the ability to track items that aren t within Bluetooth range of your phone.

It s also got replaceable batteries.

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