Closing the gap between what Apple's iPad offers for content-creators looking to replace their laptop with a tablet, Android N's ability to show two apps on-screen simultaneously will bring a new degree of usability for hybrids like Google's own Pixel C. Meanwhile, there'll be changes to how notifications are managed in Android N too.

On Android N tablets, there'll be the ability to float a second window - picture-in-picture style - so that you can carry on watching a video, holding a video call, or monitoring Twitter while simultaneously doing something else on your slate.

Unlike Apple's iOS, however, multi-window won't be limited to tablets, and will instead be supported on phones.

You'll be able to split the screen in two - the line runs across the center of the screen when you're holding it in portrait orientation - and then pick from other apps to have displayed at the same time.

For notifications, meanwhile, there'll be more granular control over what shows up in your status bar.

Tablets running Android have, though often equipped with keyboard, struggled when it comes to multitasking in comparison.

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