Only 26 percent of Brits agreed that privacy should be prioritised over security.

Yet despite these concerns, consumers are still willing to share the most information with social networks – despite trusting them the least.

And firms should be careful when dealing with people s data, after the survey found that three quarters 75 percent of Brits view sharing their data with third parties without their permission as a misuse of their data.

Companies with a traditional focus on security, such as banks, are by far considered the most trustworthy but interestingly, we share the most information with social media channels despite the fact that we trust these companies the least to keep our data safe.

As we all become more aware of the risks, it becomes even more important to get a security and data protection infrastructure – technology, education and processes – in place that is stringent enough to protect against threats, but does not harm the customer experience.

The survey highlights the struggle for both security and privacy in today s increasingly digital world.

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