Image Source: Uber

Uber is rolling out a new feature to its mobile app that can be quite helpful but also somewhat creepy: it will now let you track friends and family in real time as they re taking Uber rides.

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The new safety feature works through Uber s Family Profile, so you have to set it up to take advantage of real-time tracking.

Called Trip Tracker, the feature provides automatic notifications and the ability to follow along on the map when someone in your Family Profile is taking an Uber.

That way, if you re concerned about the safety or whereabouts of family members or obsessively stalking your significant other , you ll be able to monitor each of their Uber trips.

This is how it will look in action:

Trip tracker also helps you keep tabs on Uber spending under Family Profiles.

To enable it on your device, make sure you ve got the latest version of the app installed, and then set up your Family Profile.

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