But for Shuichi Kobayashi, producer of the upcoming Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness known simply as Star Ocean 5 , wildly sprawling narratives and content for content's sake just won't cut it any more.

Star Ocean 5 is on a different path, one where even RPG newcomers can give it a try—and Kobayashi, visiting London on his first trip outside of his native Japan, knows just how to make it happen.

This is a bold move for a series that has for the past 20 years done a better job than most RPGs in building an audience around a consistent game design, one of real-time battles there's no turn-based tomfoolery here , kawaii characters, and outlandish cut scenes.

"From the core Star Ocean fans that have been following the series for a long time, there have been mixed opinions about Star Ocean 5.

What we did this time was slightly change the focus, though."

The obtuse conversations with NPCs and the drawn-out cut scenes have been scaled back in favour of properly integrating the story into quests.

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