Launched out of Y Combinator and Kickstarter in 2012, Boosted Boards makes electric longboards controlled with a handheld wireless remote.

The Gen 2 boards also include some other cool new features:

Accessory Port – so you can plug in onboard headlights and taillights, or charge your phone

Improved Water Resistance – so you can handle hitting the odd puddle or damp street, though you still shouldn t ride in the rain or through significant standing water

Stronger, More Secure Connectivity – to prevent your handheld remote from disconnecting from the board if you hit a Bluetooth interference, and protect you from hackers

Better Deck, Wheels, And Drivetrain – for a smoother ride on a lighter board, plus better carving, torque, braking, acceleration, and hill climbing

Modular, User-Swappable Components – so you can customize, upgrade, and repair your board

International Sales Approval – so you can finally buy one no matter where you live

The improved security is especially important after Wired reported last year that researchers discovered they could hack the Boosted Board over Bluetooth and take control of it.

Me, riding a Boosted before my accident

After 13 years of longboarding and 2.5 on my Boosted without injury, a giant pothole swallowed me up.

Boosted s are the best not just because of the specs, but because of the more subtle mapping of the controller to the board.

Flooring it every chance you get might feel fun and look cool, but your body could pay the price.

Sick of walking from the train to the office?

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