" Dysh, which launched in February 2016, has four primary functions.

The main social feed, which acts similarly to your Instagram feed, lets you catch up on anyone you follow on the app and see what they've been eating, where they ate it, and what they rated it.

Next is the Explore tab, which acts as a collection of community-based photos surrounding a certain themed hashtag.

"I lack that self-awareness, and my 'haterade' is so blocked" that she never felt shame when posting food on Instagram to begin with.

For example, you're a "Nibbling Newbie" when you first join.

DyshFeeds donates to many non-profit charities across the United States as users advance in the game aspect of the app and reach higher levels.According to an online disclaimer from Dysh, they provide the donations themselves, but cap them at "10,000 meals each month, made through an equivalent monetary donation to a hunger-related non-profit.

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