C-Level Briefing: CBR talks to Tech London Advocates founder Russ Shaw on Sadiq Khan's role in making London the tech capital of the world.

At the beginning of this month, 9th May, Boris Johnson left his home of eight years, City Hall.

He also has some serious tech credentials having previously held the role of Vice President & General Manager of Skype and Global Innovation Director at Telefonica.

He wanted to understand the need to have more and more people with deeper and broader digital skills and wanted to make sure that we don't create a digital divide as part of it.

"I go back to President Obama when he was running for president, he said, 'I'm not just going to focus on one issue, I need to multi-task', and I think Mayor Khan needs to come in and multi-task."

"He Khan has always been very forthcoming saying 'I am going to need your help', 'I want you to work with me' and I think he wants to be a very pro-business, pro-tech mayor.

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