A hacker group going by the name of Suckfly has been targeting Indian government and commercial organisations by focusing on high-profile individuals and installing spyware on their work networks to access sensitive information.

However, a more in-depth analysis lead to the researchers discovering that the group, which has developed a custom malware called Backdoor.Nidiran, had also been targeting major government and commercial organisations in India.

The attacks targeted high-profile targets, including government and commercial organizations.

Most notably, when researchers analysed the timing of the instructions sent, they discovered that the hacker group had no activity during weekends.

"The nature of the Suckfly attacks suggests that it is unlikely that the threat group orchestrated these attacks on their own.

We believe that Suckfly will continue to target organizations in India and similar organizations in other countries in order to provide economic insight to the organization behind Suckfly's operations," DiMaggio said.

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