Warren stopped short of blaming these companies for their workers ills, instead portraying them as fundamental problems that date back to the Industrial Revolution.

And, according to Warren, we should welcome the shift, so long as worker protections are positively disrupted as well:

In a healthy economy, disruption is inevitable.

The gig economy didn t invent any of these problems, she explained.

I believe we start with one simple principle: all workers — no matter when they work, where they work, who they work for, whether they pick tomatoes or build rocket ships–all workers should have some basic protections and be able to build some economic security for themselves and their families, she said.

Warren highlighted three initiatives in particular: first, ensuring all who work contribute to Social Security; second, requiring catastrophe insurance for every worker; and third, providing all workers with paid leave.

Together they give families some protection in an ever-more-volatile work environment, and they help ensure that, after a lifetime of work, people will face their last years with dignity.

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