GE FirstBuild s Paragon is designed to let you dip your toes into the warm bath that is sous vide, while still giving you a piece of equipment that does other things.

Take note that because this is an induction cooktop, you ll need to use magnetic cookware: A stainless steel pot or pan that s between 6 and 11 inches will work just fine.

The flexible silicone probe has a black-and-gray plastic rectangle that houses all the electronic components don t stick it in the dishwasher , and it magnetically clips onto your pot.

Turning up the heat — to a specific degree

If you want skip the probe — or if you re using the induction cooktop to sear meat — the direct mode lets you choose a heat level between 1 to 10.

You re not limited to using it as a sous vide machine, because you can also follow up slow-cooking a steak by searing it in a pan.

The interface and app are both straightforward, and the results are delicious.

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