San Francisco-based Tally Technologies raised $15 million in Series A venture funding to launch an app that promises to help people maintain good credit while avoiding fees, charges and other credit card affiliated pains.

According to Tally CEO and co-founder Jason Brown, the company has been operating in stealth for longer than a year and has been testing its service with beta customers for about three months.

Here s how the Tally app works, Brown explained: Users can scan all of their personal credit cards into Tally, go through a brief credit score check, then authorize the startup to pay those bills from a Tally-issued line of credit.

Tally Technologies Inc. co-founders L-R Jasper Platz and Jason Brown.

Tally will also need to raise institutional capital from which it can offer lines of credit, so it needs to prove its customers are a good credit risk and develop partnerships in the finance industry.

As a firm, Shasta shied away from investing in alternative, or peer-to-peer lending platforms like Lending Club and Prosper, which are now under scrutiny and facing serious growth challenges.

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