In connection with the construction of a new subway line in Rome excavations not far from the Colosseum resulted in several discoveries that archaeologists call unique.

This is among other things, the remains of buildings that belonged to the Emperor Hadrian mounted bodyguards, including the weapons bay, dormitories, kitchens and stables.

Among the findings include coins, pottery and the building itself, where the remains are left in the form of low walls.

Belonged elite soldiers

The entire excavation area, about 900 square meters, is in excellent condition.

- We will try to preserve as much of the site as possible in the future metro station so that when you are heading to the train can look down on everything and enjoy the view, says Andrea Sciotti, head engineer for the project.

The construction of Rome's third subway line, which will have 30 stations, began in 2007 but has been delayed several times due to archaeological discoveries made.

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