We took everything into account during our research, from the value of each plan to the amount of data parceled out each month to help you get the absolute best bang for your buck.

One tip that's important to note is that Verizon charges an extra $15 per gigabyte once you've gone past your data limit, so it may be worth upping to a comfortable data tier rather than being eaten up by overage charges.

Beware though - if you're a YouTube addict or you like to stream Netflix on the go, 3GB won't last long.

Nevertheless, 6 additional gigabytes for only $20 more than the large plan is a steal for anyone expecting to use a chunk of data each month and this offers great value if you're going to split the allowance across two, three or even four lines.

For only $100, 18GB is a surprisingly substantial load of data at your disposal.

This is almost certainly overkill for single users though, unless you really are a super-heavy data user.

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