Today, Google has appealed against a French ruling that it says would open it up to being ordered to remove worldwide content from its sites at the order of any government, the World Health Organisation has classed yellow fever outbreaks in Angola and DRC as "a serious public health event", a new rodent study indicates that strong antibiotics can stop brain cell growth in the hippocampus and more.

However, in its appeal against the deletion order and accompanying €100,000 £76,000 fine, Google argues that doing so would set a precedent for the global enforcement of laws passed in any country.

Tiny drone insect is small enough to land on a leaf

Researchers from Harvard University's Microbiotics Lab and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed a new method of allowing insect-sized drones to perch on walls, leaves and other surfaces using electrostatic forces to hold them in place Gizmodo .

BACtrack's Skyn sensor is worn like a wristwatch and measures its wearer's blood alcohol on a minute-by-minute basis, sending data from its skin sensor back to a paired smartphone and app.

Unearthed Sega internal training video is perfect 90s throwback

A 1996 training video for game testers at Sega of America captures a remarkable slice of both gaming history and US culture in the mid-90s Eurogamer .

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Gaza Strip iOS game isn't a game, says Apple

Apple has rejected a game influenced by the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from the App Store, saying its political themes mean it is not a game.

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