If Mr. Rogers neighbors were like the ones in these tweets, he would ve moved.

With Neighbors 2 hitting theaters, it seemed appropriate for Jimmy Fallon to make this week s Tonight Show hashtag MyWeirdNeighbor.

But for all the people whose tweets made it into the favorites, we re sorry ...

@jimmyfallon @jimmyfallon my neighbor asked me If I smelled anything funny the other night, I said no, he replied, good MyWeirdNeighbor

— Hartwell @hartwell17 May 18, 2016

Our new neighbors thought our wifi was our last name so they gave us a Christmas card addressed to the Linksys Family MyWeirdNeighbor

— Chance The Infielder @ChanceCarnahan May 19, 2016

So if your neighbors ever get you down, just look at this post and remember it could be way worse.

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