C-level briefing: VR is invading the world, but data centres are still learning how to use it for their benefit - CBR asks Aegis Data's CEO how VR will boost the hosting business.

However, despite data centres being the force that motors the content visualised in every headset, they still have not yet taken VR 100% into their operations.

This comes depsite the huge opportunity and potential VR could bring to data centre management - a view shared by Greg McCulloch, CEO at enterprise data centre services provider Aegis Data, who believes the data centre industry has the potential to be the biggest benefactor from the rise in VR.

Just four years ago, HPC required 10kw racks, but now the demand has increased ranging all the way up to 30kw.

It is also crucial that facilities are future-proofed for such disrupting technologies, and that is "another key challenge for data centre organisations".

"Many claim to provide high performance racks but that equals far more infrastructure demands and therefore additional costs.

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