A 3D-printed replica is nothing more than a plastic trinket if it doesn t function as well as the original.

But as revealed last year, a company called 3Dvarius has created the world s first 3D-printed playable electric violin that sounds just as good as its wooden equivalent—and now you can finally buy one.

Its creator, Laurent Bernadac, and the rest of the team at 3Dvarius, have turned to Kickstarter with a $56,000 crowdfunding campaign to help put the 3D-printed instrument into the hands of musicians around the world.

That s certainly on the pricier side of violins, even for electric models, but none look like an instrument from the future.

The 3Dvarius shape and design is also based on the revered Stradivarius, which can fetch millions at auction.

Just don t expect the Antiques Roadshow to get excited when you bring it in for an appraisal.

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