British recording artists took a record share of global music sales in 2015, but industry body the British Polyphonic Institute BPI is calling on the government to do more to sustain success.

Figures from the BPI's Music Market Review of 2016 show that last year one in every six albums sold around the world, and five of the top ten albums overall, were by British artists, with Adele taking the top spot.

The number of plays increased 82 per cent to 27 billion, which was reflected by a 69 per cent rise in income to £146.1 million.

Even if they're not, as a user-generated content platform, chances are someone has unofficially uploaded them, making YouTube a convenient alternative to piracy via downloading.

And as we ve seen time and again in the digital market, where music goes first, the rest of the content sector will follow.

"Government should press the EU to clarify that hosting safe harbours do not apply to services which, like YouTube, curate and market copyright content instead of acting as purely passive hosting platforms," Taylor explains.

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