The whole world watched as the four men and four women entered the 3.14-acre structure in the middle of the Sonora Desert in Arizona.

It was awesome, riding around on horseback, mending fences, doing cool ecological work.

Poynter eventually entered the sealed artificial world on September 26, 1991, along with medical doctor and researcher Roy Walford, Taber MacCallum - whom she later married - Mark Nelson, Sally Silverstone, Abigail Alling - who replaced Silke Schneider - Mark Van Thillo, and Linda Leigh.

It wasn t even a concept then.

We were a bunch of type As, so you can imagine..

YouTube Poynter delivering a Tedx talk about her experiences

The project was dogged by controversy and bad press.

Jane Poynter was speaking at the first One Young World expert event, which focused on the environment and allowed young leaders to come together with world experts to create solutions to tackle one of our most pressing global problems.

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