Video: 3D Printing In Disaster Zones

The use of 3D printing in disaster zones is transforming the way communities can be helped to rebuild after a crisis.

"There are quite significant problems with the supply chain after a major disaster - logistical problems of getting supplies into a country," said Field Ready innovation adviser Andrew Lamb.

Student Huseyin Dervish created his outfits using computer-aided design software then 3D printing them in nylon.

Video: Aug: 3D-Printing Prosthetics

"What we are looking at, as things are emerging, is faster print times, slightly cheaper materials and a wider variety of materials," he said.

"You can print nylons, metals, rubbers, ceramics, glass but as the technology improves you will see much wider applications of printing."

In the future he plans to impregnate it with Kevlar for easily repairable body armour and also with medical drugs to provide slow release pain relief to an injured part of the body.

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