It may not be even remotely close to what The Doctor uses, but a team at the University of Bristol has created a sonic screwdriver that utilises the powers of acoustic levitation to move objects.

The screwdriver, along with what they re calling a Gauntlet of Levitation, were created as a way to help humans control acoustic levitation in order to interact with dangerous materials.

The presented prototypes still have limited forces but symbolise a milestone in our expectations of future technology, the researchers stated in an abstract posted on the Bristol Interaction Group s website.

As shown in the video, smaller pieces can be rotated, which can be helpful in medical procedures or experiments involving dangerous materials.

Single-beam levitation could manipulate particles inside our body for applications in targeted drug delivery or acoustically controlled micro-machines that do not interfere with magnetic resonance imaging, the study stated.

So we re not exactly close yet, but maybe we will be in a few thousand years.

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