But you wouldn t want this car to be any larger, particularly if you park like an idiot at the best of times, which by the ancient laws of the universe of cars, people who need seven seats always do.

They acknowledge your existence, but at their own pace and without much promise.

It s mainly impressive for the many places you d expect a trade-off where a trade hasn t been made.

Most obviously, a car this size should have mediocre emissions ratings, but it doesn t: at its most eco, it comes in below 100g/km, and even in the Exclusive that I had, it s only 105g/km.

Front passengers like it for the posture, which you can recline like one of those stressed-traveller seats in airports from the 90s it s called the RELAX function, in Exclusive models only .

Citroën Grand C4: in numbers

Price £28,290

Top speed 117mph

Acceleration 0-62mph in 11.6 seconds

Combined mileage 70.6mpg

CO2 emissions 105g/km

Cool rating 6/10

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