— Laura @princessomuch May 18, 2016

Initially, the answers came fast:

BernieLostMe after I tried & tried to stay with the man.

— Sheesh Fondue @sheeshfondue May 18, 2016

BernieLostMe when I read his plans and realized he didn t have anything viable.

I really want a prez who s grossly indebted 2 Wall St.

BernieLostMe when he went to Drumpf s wedding and accepted campaign cash from him and other millionaires

Oh wait

— Zach Haller @zachhaller May 18, 2016

Perhaps best of all were those who took the hashtag in a more literal sense, turning the whole thing particularly surreal:

BernieLostMe after he led me into an underground labyrinth filled with snake people.

Where It Blew Up: Twitter, media think pieces

What Really Happened: Kanye West showed up on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, and in the process, broke the Internet s brain with an extended monologue about the state of art.

— Melinda @mindamaureen May 18, 2016

Before too long, the story wasn t Lively s appearance, or even her butt, it was the racism implied in the Sir Mix-A-Lot quote, with multiple stories centering on the offense it caused.

— Tiernan Douieb @TiernanDouieb May 19, 2016

I can t even imagine how much Daniel Craig must have hated Bond to turn down SIXTY-EIGHT MILLION to escape two further films

— Camilla Long @camillalong May 19, 2016

Working titles of next Daniel Craig 007 movies:

Dr No Thanks

Thunderballs to this

Golden Eye can t be arsed.

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