Moments after we're led into the waiting room, the lights cut out.

"From the moment you enter the train, the show, the ride, the experience relies on surprises.


Ghost Train is the brain child of park owners Merlin Magic Makers alongside VR firm Figment Productions and not forgetting mentalist Derren Brown himself, with a goal to scare the bejesus out of thrill seekers in a totally new way.

Founder of Figment Productions, Simon Reveley, tells us that there were specific interface reasons which meant that the Vive edged out its rivals.

"It's actually a variant on the one we have on Galactica."

However, despite the years of research and effort from 1,000 people to make it happen by Spring 2016, many of the illusions are still unfinished; we were only able to experience part of the ride ourselves.

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