View s commuter x jacquard by google

Think of Google's wearables you likely think of Google Glass R.I.P or Android Wear, which is getting better but still not widely used.

A decidedly different type of wearable, with Jacquard, Google may be able to accomplish something that has so far eluded the company: Create wearable tech that's appealing to more than just geeks and early adopters.

In the year since, Jacquard has evolved from concept to viable product, with the first Jacquard-enabled jacket expected to hit shelves in Levi's stores in 2017.

The tag, which charges via USB, is designed to look like the snaps and buttons on the rest of the jacket, though the current iteration is noticeably bulkier than the snaps you would typically find on a sleeve.

As for price, Levi's Head of Global Product Paul Dillinger, says it will be "well within" the price point of the rest of the line jackets currently go for about $148-$178 , though it will be likely be more than the other jackets currently in the line.

Of course, much will depend on how consumers respond to this new category of wearables.

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