Several parents even named their children after the company, an affectionate trend not repeated with today s biggest phone makers.

A newly founded Finnish company, HMD, led by a former Nokian, has licensed the Nokia name from what remains of the old company; primarily a telecoms and networking business.

But the plan was ambitious from the start: The phones Nokisoft released were sub-par, and app developers did not bother to support the Windows Phone platform in a market dominated by Apple s iOS and Google s Android.

If Nokia had adopted this strategy seven or eight years ago, instead of maintaining the hubristic belief in its own now obsolete operating system and then getting into bed with Microsoft, it might have been what Samsung is today: a superpower.

Asian smartphone manufacturers – Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo – are eating into the feature phone market that was Nokia s playground.

Motorola and BlackBerry, two other once-mighty phone makers, have not been able to trade on the back of their legacies: there s no immediate reason that Nokia should be any different.

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