Nasa's Bigelow Expandable Activity Module Beam is set to be expanded this week – and it's going to live-stream the mission.

Beam was sent to the International Space Station in April as part of SpaceX's flight to deliver supplies to astronauts.

Astronauts on board the ISS will be entering the habitat for the first time on June 2 before routinely entering the module to "monitor its behaviour and measure its performance" in the hostile environment of space.

The inflatable pod will remain attached to the ISS for two years, with Nasa hoping that a similar module may accompany astronauts to Mars.

According to Nasa, expandable habitats require "less payload volume on a rocket than traditional rigid structures", and also provide a "varying degree of protection from solar and cosmic radiation, space debris, atomic oxygen, ultraviolet radiation and other elements in space".

The deployment will start at 5.30am EDT 9.30am GMT on May 26.

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