Though our fast food-chompin , beer-swiggin , 'Murican cousins may have you believing that the Land of the Free is the only place in the world advanced enough to play host to autonomous cars, it isn t. The UK hasn t just got a piece of the action, but is shaping up to position itself as the European hotspot for driverless car testing.

The Greenwich Automated Transport Environment way project is arguably the Innovate UK project that s garnered the most attention.

Registration for participation opened earlier this month, so get your name down sharpish if you fancy an early self-driving adventure.

At this point, UK Autodrive appears to be a little behind GATEway in terms of testing, with the first wave of road-ready Pathfinders expected to be unleashed upon Milton Keynes towards the backend of this year.

If they don t kill anyone, as many as 40 will follow, being used to carry non-electric pedestrians along various busy routes.

Drive Me London

This one's fun for all the family.

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