You re trying to find somebody who sees your banner and thinks it s interesting enough to click on, and most companies that have put together traditional digital marketing campaigns know exactly how dismal that ROI can be.But social media advertising is the key to amplifying traditional digital marketing—and vice versa.

It s because they re feeling comfortable with you, says Wright.

Retargeting, Wright says, is one of the reasons that sales people are becoming less relevant in some companies than the marketing team — because it s marketing that s really driving ROI.For example, Facebook and Twitter allow you to add a conversion-tracking pixel to your website.

Once your visitor stops by your website, you have a bead on them as they move across the Web, through the social media sites they love.

Get on board with a retargeting platform like Perfect Audience or Adroll, and serve relevant ads to your potential customer as they traverse the social media sites they spend so much time on.Retargeting technology also helps you develop custom audiences that allow you to microtarget and interest-based target in a way that older types of display advertising could never do on its own.

It boils down to your relevance, how creative your creative is, and if your demographic targeting is on point.

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