Today, Peugeot Motor shows new 3008 which comes with a host of driver aids and permanent connection.

The latest generation of in-cockpit must be designed for a safer, more instinctive and natural driving experience.

New in-cockpit compatible with the voice-activated navigation system in 3D with traffic information in real time, voice commands in several functions such as send and read out text messages, active driver assistance systems, and the reflection of your mobile phone via Apple CarPlayTM, Mirror Link and Android Auto-technologies.

Another innovation is the driver functions according to the manufacturer must activate all our senses and which is activated by pressing a button:

- Vision - by changing miljöbelysningens color and intensity in the cockpit

- Hearing - by FOCAL sound system and program the music for your own taste

- Sensation - by eight different massageval in the ergonomic seats.

Materials and buttons are of the highest quality and pleasant to touch.

Among active driver aids we find several good and sensible features:

- Active Safety Brake and Distance Warning

- Filhållningsassistent

- Fatigue Warning

- Automatic switch to high beam

- Sense of speed

- Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-function automatic transmissions

- Dead Angle Warning

- Visio 360 Park and Parking Assistant for safe city driving

New 3008 certainly seems interesting and we're excited to see and drive it shortly, and is not it nice!

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