The company also uses a custom build content management system that it built and developed to handle the investor data.

One of the reasons why the FCA regulated company chose Salesforce was because of the necessity to protect key bits of information such as anti money laundering checks, client bank details, information around credit checks and home addresses.

Wilkinson was full of praise for the regulators, particularly the FCA, saying that the company owes a lot of thanks for it being "incredibly flexible and malleable."

"The challenge I see that a lot of the banks have is that structurally from a technology point of view, everything is so widespread and across countries and regions, what they are doing with technology is trying to use it on top of what they are already to improve what they are doing already," he said.

Meanwhile, the challengers in the market are using technology to forget what was done before and simply provide services that meet the customer needs.

There is one on the site at the minute goHenry that's done about £3.4m," said Wilkinson.

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