Has Apple zigged when the rest of the world has zagged, and come up with the direction everyone has been clamoring for, making a powerful-yet-palmable phone?

Gaming was a similar experience, with the power of the iPhone SE easily taking on any title that needed a bit of raw grunt to run smoothly.

It's fortunate that Apple's upgraded its default keyboard in recent years, as the older version was just terrible.

Despite that, Apple has managed to shrink down some of the components inside to plop a slightly larger power unit inside the SE, up from 1560mAh to 1624mAh and that's more impressive when you consider the iPhone 5 had a 1440mAh power pack .

I'm not saying that this will be the sort of thing many people like, but I kept feeling like the pictures I was getting off the iPhone SE were a little muted in comparison to something like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

But in this instance I think it's worth pointing to the larger phones as a superior photographic experience - in terms of holding the phone if you're thinking of sticking with the iPhone, or just checking out the brilliant snapping ability of the Galaxy S7.

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