Windows/Mac/Linux/Chrome: DuckieTV is a no-hassle, fool-proof calendar to track TV shows you re watching, and it also automatically searches for torrents of new episodes and downloads them to your hard drive.

DuckieTV will accordingly populate a custom calendar for you, so you know when a new episode is out.

The app can be set to search for them from popular sites like Kickass Torrents and auto-download a new episode, or you can manually do it yourself when a new episode is available too.

In fact, there s a built-in search that filters torrents based on HD or Full HD, program language, and more.

DuckieTV is incredibly easy to use, and much simpler than our more manual solution to automatically download anything as soon as it s available.

Of course, you don t get movies with DuckieTV yet, but let s hope that gets integrated in future versions.

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